About Us

About Us

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself"

About Us

Best Service to Breeds your Loved Dog

Our journey with these adorable pups started a few years ago when we brought home our first Fluffy Frenchie. Our family instantly fell in love with the breed’s unique features and sweet personality, and we wanted to be able to help others discover the Fluffy Frenchie breed for themselves.
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We specialize in creating uncommon Lilac Soft Frenchies and Isabella Soft Frenchies. Whereas based in Zearing, Iowa, we offer puppies to adoring homes and little breeding programs across the United States. Seeking out for your modern textured best companion? See no advance than Cushy Frenchie Puppy
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Dogs Are Not Our Whole Life, but They Make Our Life Whole

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